How to Pull a Woman’s Hair during Sex

Sexual preferences and fantasies are as different as the people who practice them. The most important thing therefore is to ensure there is mutual agreement between the two parties. No one should ever feel like he is obligated to do anything that is against their will just to make the other person happy. One of the craziest fantasy is sexual hair pulling. This is actually not common and many people don’t know of its existence to date. This is however understandable since it is not a must we be interested in the same thing.

Pulling hair during sex can be fun or a total nightmare depending on who is doing it and how good they understand it. for people who are totally new to this practice, it is advisable they first start by light hair-pulling. They can then take it a notch higher with time. Below are some basic tips to make this experience pleasurable:

1.    Get Your Partner’s Consent

Pulling hair sexually is never an easy thing. Sometimes, it can be very painful especially if you are new in it. You can easily lose your partner or mate by a simple mistake of not communicating with her prior to the exercise. Therefore, if you want to have a fun time, the secret is hidden in good communication between you and your partner.

2.    Take It Slowly

The best way to learn how to pull a girls hair is by taking one step at a time. Run your fingers through her hair slowly and in a romantic way. To be on the safe side, when you feel it is time to pull the hair, ensure you grab a big bunch of hair. Don’t grab the hair in small bunches as this can cause more pain as the hair might come out from its roots. A ponytail grab would do better if your partner has long hair.


Hair pulling sexual practice is meant to be enjoyed and not to punish your partner. Therefore, one should take all the necessary precautions to ensure that both parties enjoy the experience as much as possible.